Hey you, help me choose which one to get!

We can't make the choices for you, but we'll try our best to help haha 

Okay, so if you are looking for the most isolating to use in the office or on a commute, get the Mini-C. It has up to 25 dB passive noise cancellation and also class-leading low distortion measurements, so you can crank that baby up if you choose to live on the edge. They are also ideal for studio monitoring use if you plan on using them for mixing and mastering. 

If you mainly want to use your headphones at home, get the O2. It's our most open sounding headphone yet and will thrive on quiet listening environment so you don't miss out on any minute details like the footsteps in the background or the lingering decay notes of the piano. 

If you want a hybrid experience between the first two mentioned above, get the Mini-S. It's isolating enough to listen in the outdoor, but also resolving enough for home use if you have a dedicated listening setup for audio. 

 Okay, so which one sounds the best? 

Nice try, but we won't be falling for that one. As cliché as this sounds, we really do think all of our headphones complement each other. Seriously, try them and you tell me. :D

How did you get into modding and eventually making your own headphones? 

 Long story short, the original members of ETA actually discovered each other through our shared joy of tinkering and DIY. We had cool ideas we wanted to bring to the market and now we have ETA! If you want to hear the detailed version of this story, you'll have to wait for our next blog post haha 

I am feeling slight discomfort/ hotspots on my headphones. How can I mitigate this issue? 

There are three main areas on the MDR headband where you can bend the steel inside to adjust for different head shapes: top, left, and right side. The top of the headband is made of flexible spring steel, so you don't have to worry about snapping the headband into two.

  • You can increase/decrease the amount of clamp force and the change the overall shape by playing with the three contact point mentioned above. 
  • You can also order our new suspension strap to take the comfort and adjustability to the next level!
  • See here: https://etaheadphones.com/products/eta-headband-strap

I still need more help, who can I ask? 

Okay, no problem. You can either reach out to us through our "contact-us" page or join our discord page for a more immediate response. We will do our best to respond to you within 24 hours :) 

 Do you have measurements?

We currently only offer third-party measurements from orratory1990
Mini Semi closed, and Mini Closed Headphone.